Nagasumi can be seen putting on a his all black senior school consistent but is seen dressed in most other gowns away from university

Nagasumi can be seen putting on a his all black senior school consistent but is seen dressed in most other gowns away from university


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Nagasumi is actually good average dimensions boy having black colored tresses (with a keen ahoge) and blue eyes that renders him a virtually visualize resembling his Dad.


Nagasumi is a kind, relaxed, average and you may wise boy to own their years who is most likely alone inside the loved ones that a very clear lead, other than his granny.

Efforts and Overall performance

Whenever push comes to push, Nagasumi reveals a great deal of interior power and Sun Seto will uses their Track of Heroes so you can stamina Nagasumi right up during the battle products, however in the actual situation in which Sun was individually endangered he could be capable trigger the benefit-up by himself. After becoming abused, punched, and assaulted from the series he after gets a specialist within reading motions that allow your to dodge episodes during the a keen inhuman speed due to Maki constantly attacking your.

They can sense the level of possibilities when you look at the an effective fight; this is certainly revealed in the event the ideal hair into Nagasumi’s direct stands up and acts like a code tower showing an even sign of risk. This was basic revealed for the “What is Their Title?” whenever, just after Sunshine and you will Lunar Edomae fell on river, Nagasumi rushes in to stop chimp out-of understanding their mermaid versions.

After the latest collection it’s revealed that he no more should tune in to Sun’s character song to become more powerful the guy is able to enable himself by getting near their own.

Throughout the a family Vacation from the Seto Inland Sea, Nagasumi nearly sunken to help you dying up until he was conserved by the Sunlight Seto. Up coming, he and his Family relations heard of the fresh new Seto Gang while the Mermaid Laws, and therefore says one upon training the Correct Label, sometimes the human being and/or Mermaid must be performed. To stop that it, it is suggested that a wedding is the best service. Since that time, Nagasumi made a decision to deal with his concerns or take to the duty of looking after Sunlight while the their spouse, although it does not create easy on your due to almost everybody sexiga frГ¤mmande kvinnor in the Seto category (except Ren Seto (Sun’s mommy) and you can Masa) that are up against the connection.

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